Professors from British University have visited IAU

2019 Professors from Northampton University, Sandy McDonald and Marcella Daye, have visited International Ala-Too University. The purpose of their visit was an improvement the curriculum of social entrepreneurship, women’s business and tourism. A general theme of meeting was an exchange of knowledge on managing business in Kyrgyz Republic and United Kingdom.
During the meeting, the professors met with our teachers of the department of management, graduates and seniors to discuss about right ways of conducting their businesses and talked about new methods to improve the efficiency of entrepreneurship.

The main content of discussion is the development of the tourism sector and communication skills with consumers. Sandy and Marcella noted the importance of developing precisely those areas in our country, since Kyrgyzstan has a great potential in the development of tourism.

After that meeting, representatives of two universities went on a mini tour to highlights of Bishkek! London’s professors noted their admiration for the nature of Kyrgyzstan, which once again, noted the potential for the development of touristic business in Kyrgyzstan.
They also visited the national market, as an acquaintance with the “eastern type of trade” that functions in our country from ancient times to this day!





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