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Social responsibility in business. Founder of Sierra Coffee. Bishkek

      Presently social responsibility of the companies is very important, but unfortunately not all carry out it. Any business is done in a social environment therefore it is equally unprofitable to ignore interests of society as from the political and cultural, and economic point of view. The social actions of the entities improving life of local population eliminate need of state regulation and can be used to own advantage the entities. The entities having an attractive image at consumers can increase profit due to increase in sales volume. On the other hand, welfare costs are transferred to consumers in the form of price increase.

      Social responsibility is important to a business because it demonstrates to both consumers and the media that the company takes an interest in wider social issues that have no direct impact on profit margins. These issues may be local, national or global, but a concern for the health and wellness of others that does not involve sales can be seen as commendable if done well.

      Our team interviewed one of successful entrepreneurs of Kyrgyzstan, the founder of Sierra company. He shared with us the story of success and how he conducts social activity.

      "Sierra" from the first day is ready to help the people of the Kyrgyz Republic. The company plays an active role in support of development of Kyrgyzstan, helping with several key areas.

      In December, 2013 "Sierra" began to support Belovodsky orphanage on a monthly basis. Also our company sponsors some other initiatives. "Sierra" conducts policy of support of local producers for preserving the budget of economy of Kyrgyzstan. Of course, we deliver coffee grains from Brazil and Colombia as in Kyrgyzstan coffee doesn't grow, but, except coffee and Giffard syrups from France, almost all our deliveries — local production.

      It would be good if the big monopolistic companies and not only honestly carried out social responsibility. We consider that entrepreneurs shall follow an example of founders of Sierra company.

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