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Strategic Management Project, MAN-13 , 2016-2017

1) Term project - Development Strategy of the Library in IAAU.

Library is a strategic important place in any teaching organization.
Goal - The main issue of our development work of the library was to find out weaknesses and decide how to convert them into strong sides.
Problems -
Solutions - In the result we offered some solutions on how to improve work of the library. We gave some ways of making library better and more convenient such as:
    Creating a web page of library on the platform of university’s official web-site
    Increasing the working hours of reading hall
    Divide the reading hall into two parts
    Increasing the amount of power sockets on the territory of the reading hall
    To provide library with several numbers of computers for students
    Make read-books at the table
    Involve students in the part-time job

Students of Man-13 who took part in making the development project of the IAAU library:
Viktoriia Tairova, Iaroslav Egorov, Issa Teifurov, Nigmat Nazarov.

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